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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Welcome to Wilcom ES Chenille. This product has been developed to support
a wide range of chenille work including:

! constant stitch length in all objects for consistent smooth appearance.
! ability to control shortcut stitches
! variable width Coil stitches for Input A and B input methods
! gaps at the ends of columns filled automatically with Coil stitches
! small sections handled by Complex Fill
! multiple offset runs can be generated from one boundary, with or
without a Perpendicular Fill.

This chapter provides an overview of the chenille terms and concepts
associated with ES Chenille software. It explains the basic issues to do with
handling and programming Schiffli machines as they relate to ES Chenille.
Note For an essential introduction to ES Designer software concepts, refer
to the Wilcom ES User Manual.

ES Chenille support in the Wilcom ES product range
There are several product models of the software, some of which have
optional extra capabilities. The ES Chenille capabilities can be purchased as
options — standard and advanced — for the standard lockstitch Wilcom ES
digitizing systems. You must have standard before you can purchase

The ES Chenille options add special chenille embroidery features to a
lockstitch embroidery digitizing system. These features include the ES
Chenille embroidery machine formats, ES Chenille stitch types and effects,
and ES Chenille object properties. The lettering and digitizing tools for ES
Chenille are the same as those provided by the base lockstitch system. The
advanced option includes a special chenille stitch called Island Coil.
There are three major areas where ES Chenille can be used:

ES Chenille