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Rolex Datejust just for you

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Rolex Datejust just for youRolex -for the first- introduced the Rolex Datejust in the mid of 50s. The main difference is in the use of the bezel that arise and can rotate (Turn-O-Graph bezel). Datejust Thunderbird own name attached after acrobatic Thunderbird Squadron (U.S. Air Force's) Rolex choose this as their official watches. The first reference was produced is ref.6309 are only made for 2 years until 1956.

Type replacement is ref.6609 who have different movement that is cal.1065 which is the latest movement of Rolex at the time. Ref.6609 Neither has produced a long and in 1960, Rolex released version of 'modern' of the Turn-O-Graph (or Thunderbird) is ref.1625 which continued to be produced until 1977.