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Chenille Embroidery Lettering

Saturday, April 3, 2010
The Chenille option for Wilcom ES Chenille allows you to create Chenille lettering. The Chenille alphabets provided with the software can be scaled and recolored like other alphabets. You can also create your own alphabets.

Add lettering to designs quickly and easily, either on-screen using the current settings, or via the Object Properties - Lettering dialog. Lettering can be edited directly on-screen, with the dialog, or with the aid of the lettering toolbox or toolbar.

You can apply formatting to lettering objects in the same way as a word processor, including italics, bolding, and right/left justification. Both interactive and numeric techniques are available for scaling and spacing lettering.

Chenille Embroidery Lettering

This section describes how to add and edit lettering, change formatting, settings, and adjust lettering size and spacing.