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Magnetic Sponsoring - A Silver Bullet

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard -as you can see on Mike Callahan's site- has really taken over the network marketing industry on a large scale in recent years. I will admit that for the first time I hear it.. I was among those who are skeptical.. I mean, how could it be claimed that everything would be obtained very easily as many have written on the internet.

So what exactly did you learn in this program?

You see, basically, there is an attraction in the field of marketing that is so strong against the value you offer and the prospect you given. The more valuable you are, the more generate attraction, although only some certain people who will buy your product or join you becoming your downline or whatever.

"Serving" probably could be the perfect reference or best keywords that we should keep in business. You will fundamentally change and improve dramatically, and you'll get your chance as a real businessman. But ultimately your success depends on your own, not others....