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Britta Water Filters - Portable, solid, and Efficient

Saturday, February 26, 2011
Thanks to the slim design, made of solid materials, Britta water filters can be stored in a small space like in a room that is on the refrigerator door, so of course we can avoid the hassle and without sacrificing our room that you usually could have been used for other purposes.

Although its size is simple, concise, and look cute, this pitcher has the ability to lift 40 ounces of liquid water, this is equivalent to five glasses of 8 ounces. This sleek design makes it easy if we have to do the transport, recharge, and then pour water into it.

In the case of our treatment, it is also very easy to handle. And one of my favorite features of this product is dial buttons that can tell me when should I replace filters and so forth (this is just because I'm not that kinda guy and because I was usually don't remember when last time I filled it.. :p)