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Chiropractic Medicine

Thursday, December 11, 2014
What is Chiropractic Medicine

I'd like to share with you what do in practice, what we do in practice is quite different than what typically happen in health care. The objective is to help you find the underline route cost to your problem, so it can be eliminated once for all. What i find with creation health care, does a great job to handling symptoms. It is a very short live, and attend to repeat over and over again.

Give me a great sample of this, if you in take a blood pressure medication because you in high blood pressure, maybe it started with headache, to whatever but you found that there is a blood pressure, the doctor would give you a pill to make the blood pressure go down. It does! It is amazing how it works! However, what would happen if you quit taking that pill? My guess is as the same as you,
not if it does that pressure is return to a high stage, you would continue to have a high blood pressure, and as the result, you would continue take the medication over and over and over.

You see this is too out health care! What else, somebody as pain, allergies, you suffering with something like fatigue, it takes to be repetitive action to continue recover from that symptoms. What i want to help you do, is give the underlying route cost to why your body keep doing this. I am sure that you can look back in you history and find your body did not work like this. Think function the way you want it! You have the able to do to think that you want it to do! And something has changed, age, injury, whatever, the truth is, at one point, your body function well, and now you are suffering with you do not like.

So why i called this physical therapy chiropractor? Well, there is nothing wrong with traditional health care and emergency state. In fact, it is a great thing to have emergencies! If we did not have the emergency room, and we did not have a great surgeon, and the amazing medications that we have today, we could definitely run our self in the trouble when we have a crisis and emergency.

However, a lot of our health care problems now become chronic. What is the chronicle health problem? Just like you have it. Something that comes back, over and over and over. Imagine getting to the route cost, that.. and being able to eliminated! That the function of health care is.. getting to the route cost and being eliminated!