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Adjusting offset stitch length

Friday, May 8, 2009
You can adjust the length of the Chain and Moss offset stitches. Stitch length should be constant for the same thread type throughout a design. If the stitch length varies, the height of the Moss loops and the width of the Chain loops will also vary, causing uneven embroidery. The Chenille machine pulls up the same length of yarn for each loop according to the current
needle height setting.

If you intend to use loops of various height, adjust the needle height rather than the stitch length. Even though the stitch length affects the loop height, it is easier and more accurate to adjust the needle height. See Selecting explicit needle height for details.

To adjust offset stitch length

1. Select the Compound Chenille object.
2. Right-click the Compound Chenille icon.
The Effects > Compound Chenille tab opens

Adjusting offset stitch length

3. In the Outline Stitch Length panel, enter the stitch length for Moss or Chain offsets.
4. Click OK.