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Combining Chenille and lockstitch designs

Thursday, May 7, 2009
Chenille designs can be converted to any machine format, including lockstitch machines. This is useful when you wish to combine regular embroidery and Chenille embroidery in a single design. You can combine regular lockstitch embroidery and Chenille embroidery in a single design.

When using a machine that supports both lockstitch and ES Chenille, it is possible to change a lockstitch object into a chenille object by selecting it and clicking on a ES Chenille stitch tool e.g. Moss.

To combine Chenille and lockstitch designs

1. Plan your Chenille and lockstitch design.
2. Mark a reference point in the design.

There should be a common start point for both Chenille and lockstitch designs.

3. Digitize the Chenille part of the design.
4. Save two copies of the design.
5. Open the second copy.
6. Select Machine > Select Machine Format.
7. Select a lockstitch machine format.

The design is converted to the selected machine format. The Chenille specific functions, such as Chain, Moss and Needle Height, are preserved but they are ignored by the lockstitch machines.

8. Digitize the lockstitch parts.

For correct registration, make sure that the start point of the lockstitch part exactly match the start point of the Chenille part.

9. Save the combined design.
10. Delete the Chenille parts, and save the lockstitch part under a new name.

Now you have two designs, a Chenille and a lockstitch design with matching start and finish points.

11. Stitch the Chenille part first on a Chenille machine — Barudan, Melco or Tajima.

Which part you stitch may vary, depending on the design.

12. Stitch the lockstitch part on the same brand of machine.

As the hoops are standard within the same brand, you can remove the hoop from the first machine and insert it in the other. As they have matching start and finish points, the two designs will be perfectly aligned.

Note Tajima TMCE-600 is a combined Chenille and lockstitch embroidery machine. Combined Chenille and lockstitch design can be output to this machine from a single file.