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ES Chenille fill stitches

Friday, July 10, 2009
ES Chenille fill stitches

! There are four chenille fill stitch types — Coil, Straight, Perpendicular
Fill and Island Coil.

! Use Coil to fill curved columns or narrow shapes.

! Use Straight to fill shapes diagonally, or horizontally and vertically
(similar to Tatami).

! Use Perpendicular Fill to fill large shapes with two layers of straight

! Use Island Coil stitch to fill large shapes with spiral stitches.

A Complex Fill object is usually filled with Perpendicular Fill, but any fill stitch except Coil can be used. Complex Fill is the only input method that you can use with Compound Chenille. Input A, B, C, Circle and Ring can only be used with Coil or Straight fill stitch as shown in the table.

ES Chenille fill stitches

Only the shape is digitized, unless you use Compound Chenille, you need to add a border to support the stitches. Use Compound Chenille with Complex Fill to digitize up to three offset borders or digitize single Run lines with Chain or Moss. Offsets to provide a clear edge for filled areas.

You can also use Double Run and Backtrack for borders.

ES Chenille fill stitches