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Creating fills with Perpendicular Fill stitch

Saturday, October 24, 2009
Large areas are most commonly filled using Complex Fill with Moss using two layers of straight stitch called Perpendicular Fill. The angle of the first layer of stitches is defined by Complex Fill object properties.

Typically, the second layer is perpendicular to the original fill although you may select a different angle. Use Compound Chenille to generate automatic offset borders.

Note : You can only use Perpendicular Fill stitches with Complex Fill input method.

Adjusting Perpendicular Fill stitch values

You can adjust the stitch length, spacing and angle of second layer of Perpendicular Fill.

Adjusting Perpendicular Fill stitch length

You can adjust the stitch length of Perpendicular Fill.

To adjust Perpendicular Fill stitch length

1. Select the Complex Fill object.
2. Right-click Perpendicular Fill.

The Object Properties dialog opens.

3. Enter Fill Stitch values for:
! Stitch Length: This sets the length of each stitch.

4. Click OK.