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Creating lettering on-screen

Monday, April 5, 2010
If it is not essential to fit letters precisely to a certain area, you can type them directly on-screen as with a word processor. Current lettering settings are used. You can change these before or after you digitize. You can also modify lettering objects directly on-screen to achieve various artistic effects.

To create lettering on-screen

1. Open a new file or design using the ES Chenille template.

The ES Chenille template defaults the system to chenille values. You can
modify the template to suit your machine.

2. Click either the Chain or Moss icon.
3. Click the Lettering icon.
4. Click where you want to start typing.
5. Type the letters you want to embroider.

Tip : To start a new line, press Shift + Enter.

6. Press Enter to complete.
7. Select Stitch > Generate Stitches or press G to generate stitches.

Note : Appearance and layout depend on current settings in the Object
Properties - Lettering dialog.

Creating lettering on-screen

Note : The properties of offset runs are not saved in the alphabet however Chain and Moss properties such as Needle Height, are saved.