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Checking control commands

Friday, May 21, 2010
If you change the machine format of a design that contains manual machine functions, you may need to check whether the functions are compatible with the new format. Generally, functions that cannot be performed by the new machine type are simply ignored. If an ignored function was inserted on an Empty Stitch or Empty Jump, the stitch or jump is automatically removed.

Sometimes, however, functions may not be correctly translated. For example, trim commands may be misinterpreted, as some machines use trim codes, and others a sequence of jumps.

Note : If a function is not available in the new machine format, the word
Ignored appears in brackets after the function name.

To check control commands

! Travel to the position of the machine function.
! Alternatively, use the Stitch List to identify and select a given machine function.

The machine function name appears in the Prompt line. Extra information may appear in brackets after the function name — e.g. needle number.