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Get Healthy Life with OXIS

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Oxis? What is that? OK. Let me say something about this Therapeutic products Oxis [nutraceutical] products, and cosmeceutical products and personal products and medical products developed at home and abroad to grant licenses to pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology, such as candidates for drugs.

Oxis window on the development and plans to sell and display products and believed [nutraceutical] Cosmecuetical natural ingredients that have beneficial effects on human health. It will be the first product include window Oxis L - Ergothioneine (Ergo), which is a very powerful, and versatile antioxidant.

Being evaluated other products, including product lines of skin care. In addition to setting another window Oxis nutrients and functional foods such as bars and nutrition, energy drinks and the images are not only lead to provide traditional retail distribution itself.

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