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Setting borer functions

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Some embroidery machines are equipped with a borer. The borer often replaces one of the needles. You need to specify the needle position of the borer and its offset value. Borers are often ‘knife’ attachments where the cutting position is offset 12 mm from the main needle. Before the machine starts, the frame moves so that the borer is in the correct position.

This extra frame movement compensates for the borer offset. Some machines automatically adjust for this offset when a Borer In function is encountered. These machines should have an offset value of 0. Similarly, if you are using a boring needle (instead of a knife), you do not need an offset value.

To set borer functions

1. Access the Machine Format Values dialog.

Note : Only fields relevant to the selected machine format will appear.

Setting borer functions

2. In the Standard tab, enter the required borer offset in the Offset field.

! If your machine automatically enters an offset when a Borer In function is encountered, enter an offset of 0 mm.
! If your machine requires an offset value, enter an offset of 12.0 mm.

3. Click Save.
4. Click OK.