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Adding automatic chenille fill

Friday, May 8, 2009
You can choose to include or exclude the fill stitch. Exclude the fill when you are digitizing multiple chenille objects using Input A, B or C and only need the automatic offsets for the border. This technique is used to generate multi-colored chenille objects. You can also set the distance of the fill from the border.

To add automatic chenille fill

1. Select the Compound Chenille object.
2. Right-click the Compound Chenille icon.
The Effects > Compound Chenille tab opens
3. Select the Compound Chenille checkbox.

automatic chenille fill

4. Select the Stitch Fill checkbox to fill the shape with stitches.

If it is cleared, the shape will not be filled.

automatic chenille fill

5. Enter a Fill Offset Distance.

Fill Offset Distance sets the distance between the digitized boundaries and the filled area.

It is always measured from the digitized boundary, not from the last Offset Moss or Chain stitch. Enter 0.0 mm to set the edge of the filled area on the digitized boundary. Enter a positive value to set the edge of the filled area inside the shape. Enter a negative value to set the edge of the filled area outside the shape.

automatic chenille fill

6. Click OK.